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The ICVERIFY® for Windows® software is one of the most comprehensive payment processing products that is available for merchants. Using a personal computer (PC) or PC-based electronic cash register (ECR), the ICVERIFY product processes all payment types, including credit, debit, check, purchase cards, private label cards, and stored value/gift cards.

A Low-Maintenance, Low-Cost, Complete Software Solution

Over 100,000 merchants use ICVERIFY solutions, as both a stand-alone product and a transaction processing engine for other software applications. Hundreds of resellers and point-of-sale software vendors have chosen ICVERIFY as a partner product. No matter how you choose to use it, the ICVERIFY for Windows product helps you handle all of your in-store, mail, telephone, and electronic transactions in one easy-to-use program. ICVERIFY software can also assist you with reconciliation by providing reporting that mirrors your merchant statement.

ICVERIFY for Windows Software Grows with Your Business

Since the ICVERIFY product supports a broad range of payment processing, you can easily accept new payment types as your business expands, without worrying about expensive and time consuming hardware upgrades. Multiple users can share one phone line or Internet connection, and no hardware upgrades are involved in the setup process. You can even run multiple merchant accounts from the same copy of software. Accepting corporate purchase cards or commercial cards is easy because the ICVERIFY software has built-in support for Visa® and MasterCard® Level II and III data requirements.

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