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Global Gateway® API


Global Gateway® API (Application Programming Interface) is comprehensive payment processing software for the merchant who requires a more sophisticated payment solution. Global Gateway API gives merchants complete control over how their payments are processed, and allows them to build transaction processing applications that can process payments from a Web site or from multiple Point of Sale terminals. Ideal for either e-commerce or large-scale retail situations, Global Gateway API uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt and pass confidential transaction and order information directly to the Global Gateway Secure Payment Gateway.
Global Gateway API includes modules that calculate tax and shipping. In addition, Global Gateway API provides sales, returns, real-time authorizations, purchasing cards and real-time reports.

Release Notes for the Latest Version of Global Gateway API





1 Build a Full Featured Online Store


Your merchants can build a secure solution that's as sophisticated as they need with Global Gateway API. The merchant-configurable tax and shipping modules can automatically calculate tax and shipping for any order.

  2 Build an All-in-One Retail Solution  

A large retail chain may have tens to tens of thousands of swipe devices that they need to tie together. Global Gateway API offers a flexible, secure solution to integrate them into one system, reliably handling as many transactions as the merchant needs to process

  • Large-scale configurations can be built to fit the merchant's business perfectly.

  • Solutions can include as many Point-of-Sale devices as needed.

  3 Process Business-to-Business (B2B) Financial Transactions  

With full level II purchasing card support, our Global Gateway API offers a complete B2B solution that fully supports both Web transactions and large retail chains.


If C or Java programming isn't their thing, Global Gateway has a full suite of solutions to let Web developers to use the technology they're comfortable with.



Fraud protection

Provides crucial preventive measures that allow merchants to block specific credit card numbers, Internet protocol (IP) or Class C addresses, customer names, or domain namesy  
  Address Verification Service (AVS) Helps merchants combat fraud by comparing the consumer's billing address with the address on file with the card-issuing bank. If the two match, merchants know there is a lower chance of fraud.  
  Online Reports and Account Management Provides real-time management reports via your merchant's Web browser  
  E-mail notification Your merchants and the customer are both notified of pending order and transaction approvals via e-mail  
  Tax Module This tax calculator calculates sales tax by state and municipality. It allows your merchants to determine how or when customers are charged sales tax for products and services they have ordered.  
  Shipping Module This module calculates shipping by flat rate or dollar amount per order. Shipping tables are configured based on zones or the type of shipping used. This versatile module allows merchants to determine shipping charges precisely.  
  Automatic recurring transactions Global Gateway API allows your merchants to create a recurring billing system for memberships, subscriptions and other periodic billing purposes  
  Purchasing cards The Global Gateway API supports the use of purchasing cards with full Level II Purchasing Card support.  
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