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Simple Access to Credit Card Processing

For Home Based, Flea Markets, Trade Shows, Delivery Services and More!
  It is perfect...  
  This program was created with your business needs in mind.  

For your new business that is not yet established, has a monthly volume of $4000, and a maximum sale that is under $500.  
  For new merchants that may have a credit problem this will help you build credit for your business.  
  It's Inexpensive...  
  There are no monthly minimums! No equipment investments!  
  Your only monthly expense is a $10 account maintenance fee  
  After submittal of your application you can use your account within 4-5 days!  
  Cardservice of Cincinnati will credit your set up fee towards an upgrade to a new terminal or Internet processing when the time is right.  
  And it's easy...  
  You can process transactions anywhere from any touch tone phone.  
  All you need to do is complete a charge slip, dial the toll free number, enter your Personal ID number, the customer's credit card information and the amount of sale, and you will receive an immediate authorization response.  
  You send in your sales slips each night and receive payments directly to your bank account within five business days.  

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