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Free to merchant! No Equipment Needed!


Guarantee checks up to $50.00 -- if it bounces they pay merchant within 30 days


Text Box:      The merchant must:


1. Stamp the check on back


2. Check driver's license / other photo ID


3. Ensure the check has name address & phone printed or written on check


4. Have check signed on stamp


5. Check "Hot List" (list of people who have bounced checks with that merchant before)


Will guarantee if checking account is closed down



If the check is over $50.00 IF/once they get collected they will get paid


Premium Redirect (80% of merchant use this)

Instead of check being sent back to merchant's bank if it bounces it is redirected to a bank in MO that only charges $3.00 for a bounce check fee.



Expensive Equipment and Minimums


Taking a long time to type in check writers information


Percentage rate each time you take a check 


*National Check Collections is not a product offered or supported by FDIS. National Check Collections is being offered by Core Business Services. Call for details.*
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