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First Data Global Gateway

  First Data Global Gateway is for merchants who want to get online fast, and want a secure, fast and reliable e-commerce payment solution. The Global Gateway Secure Payment Gateway translates information from a merchant's Web site into a format that can be read by an electronic processing system to process transactions online.

E-commerce means new opportunities and responsibilities for merchants. The Global Gateway Secure Payment Gateway offers merchants the protection of 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, as well as state-of-the-art fraud-protection features, including:

  • Fraud screening of each transaction prior to submission for authorization.

  • Additional protection during authorization through Address Verification Service (AVS) and card verification value 2 (CVV2).

  • Protection from repeated fraud through the blocking of:
    • Specific Credit card numbers
    • Internet protocol(IP) addresses
    • E-mail addresses
    • Individuals by name
    • Purchase values in excess of a threshold dollar amount
  Features of Global Gateway E-Commerce Solutions  
  You can count on Global Gateway to process your merchants' transactions quickly and securely.  
  • Global Gateway's fast transaction times help make shopping cart abandonment a thing of the past.
  • Secure encryption technology ensures the safety of your merchants' transactions. Global Gateway also supports card verification and validation--CVV2/CVC2/Discover┬« CID*--and address verification for added security.
  • Exceptional fraud prevention helps your merchants minimize chargebacks.
  • From the simplest solution to the most sophisticated, all Global Gateway e-commerce solutions allow your merchants to keep customers on their own Web sites.
  • Robust reports come with all Global Gateway e-commerce solutions, to help your merchants easily manage their orders.

  Features of Global Gateway B2B Solutions  
  • Purchase order numbers, invoice numbers and sales tax are automatically required for purchasing card transactions, which means your merchants don't need to worry whether they're collecting the right data.

  • Powerful reporting systems track all purchases.

  • Level II purchasing card support builds customer loyalty and increases repeat customers.

  • Your merchants' customers get one consolidated monthly statement for all their transactions.

  • Your merchants' customers can set spending limits and specify suppliers, which simplifies their procurement systems.

  Features of MOTO merchants  

Global Gateway has a Web-based virtual terminal especially suited to mail order/telephone order sales. Your merchants can easily set up a call center using multiple computers connected to the Internet with only one Global Gateway Central account.

  • E-mail receipts help merchants get order confirmations to their customers quickly.
  • Global Gateway's fast transaction times mean customers won't be kept waiting on the telephone.
  • Global Gateway's secure encryption technology ensures that transactions are always safe. Card verifications--CVV2/CVC2--and address verification add further security.
  • Global Gateway's exceptional fraud prevention helps merchants stop thieves in their tracks.
  • Robust reports help merchants keep track of their transactions.
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