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FDIS Cincinnati will help you customize a processing solution
tailored to your business needs
**In addition to the terminals and software listed we support most terminals and Point of Sale software.**

First Data™ FD50
First Data FD50 terminal offers an affordable point-of-sale solution for merchants of all kinds.

First Data™ FD100
Delivers superior transaction processing through true 32-bit processing, which significantly improves transaction times. It easily supports both IP and dial-up, has a touch screen, a retail tip function, and has the ability to reprint the last 10 batches

VivoPay is a contactless payment device that empowers millions of POS terminals and cash registers to accept contactless credit/debit cards, speeding up checkout lines at merchant locations.

LinkPoint® AIO
All in One terminal
can hold up to 8
separate merchant

FirstData® FD 10 PIN Pad
is secure, easy to use
pin entry device for
debit and ATM functions.

Eclipse® Terminal/printer
is only terminal capable
of supporting electronic
check acceptance

Omni® Vx570
Features large, easy-to-read
display and an intuitive,
ATM like interface that
simplifies training and
dramatically reduces clerk
errors. Terminal has an
integrated smart card

First Data® Retail Solution
The multitasking First Data® Retail Solution helps retailers process payments, manage inventory, track sales, control costs, improve customer service and better guide business decisions. You can enjoy the capabilities the big retailers enjoy at a price that fits your small business.

PC Charge Pro
Converts your computer into
a point of sale terminal.
Ideal for phone orders or
face to face swiped
customers with the addition
of a card reader. PC Charge
pro offers a stored client
data base and has both dial
up and internet


This software offers an
entire suite of solutions
for most retail and MO/TO
businesses. Single user
license to a multi-user
license and stand alone
network configurations.

Point-of-Sale Systems
We integrate with most
Point-of-Sale systems.
(Aloha, Micros,
Squirrel, etc.)


Global Gateway® Central
Swipe or key from an
unlimited number of
computers utilizing
the internet.


CellTrek Wireless Terminal
The CellTrek Mobile Merchant service, enabled with Bluetooth® technology, makes payment processing truly mobile, processing credit card transactions and printing receipts wherever your cell phone has coverage

Way System
Pocket mobile Point of Sale
Solution operates on the
GPRS network.

ExaDigm® Mobile Mate
is the first truly modular
point of sale terminal.
the unique modular format
supports IP, WiFi, Cellular
and Dial-up.

Nurit® 8000
The NURITĀ® 8000 terminal,
with wireless capability,
lets you authorize electronic purchases
virtually anywhere.

Process from any touchtone
phone. No equipment expense
or minimums.

Mini Mate Imprinter
Increase security and reduce
the risk of charge backs.


Offers warranty and
electronic check acceptance
(ECA) programs.

Provides a safe method for
cashing payroll, government,
and income tax refunds.

National Check Collections
Accept checks with confidence.
National Check Collections guarantees
checks up to $50.00


Gift Cards
Get rid of paper gift
certificates and get gift
cards for your store


Global Gateway® Secure Payment
allows merchants to sell
securely from their Web sites,
enabling customers to purchase
products or services online
with their choice of credit
card or electronic check.

Global Gateway® Connect
it's the transaction solution
that easily enables any web
site. This innovative
transaction processing
software allows you to
process transactions using
a simple Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML) form on
your web site.


Global Gateway® API
Global Gateway API(Application
Programming Interface) is
comprehensive payment
processing software for the
merchant who requires a
more sophisticated payment
solution. Global Gateway API gives
merchants complete control
over how their payments are
processed, and allows them
to build transaction
processing applications that
can process payments from a
web site or from multiple
point of sale terminals.

Global Gateway® Central
Global Gateway Central is a way
for merchants to process
transactions. It acts as
a secure portal for
merchants to manage
everything related to
transaction processing.

Global Gateway® Virtual Check
Accept checks online with the
Global Gateway VirtualCheck service
and have your check payments
automatically processed for
you. Powerd by TeleCheck®, the leader in check transactions,
VirtualCheck gives merchants
an alternative payment

Gateway offers a full range
of products including
connectivity, Intelligent
database, billing, and
payment services.®
Provides Internet Protocol
(IP) Payment gateway
services that enable
merchants to authorize,
settle and manage credit
card transactions anytime,

Shopping Carts
Through strategic partnership
with leading shopping cart
vendors, First Data Independent Sales makes it easy
for merchants to set up online
catalogs with full shopping
cart and ordering capabilities.

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