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TeleCheck® is a check acceptance service that First Data Independent Sales offers through its alliance with TeleCheck Services. TeleCheck provides merchants with the largest, most sophisticated check acceptance system available today and stands behind the payment of any check it approves, which reduces risks to merchants and protects their businesses. TeleCheck

Product Feature: TeleCheck Warranty and Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) programs. First Data Independent Sales offers two services through TeleCheck: Warranty and Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA):

  • Warranty. Provided all requirements are met, TeleCheck guarantees that merchants will receive payment on all checks that they properly authorize through the system.
  • Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA). ECA converts paper checks into electronic transactions at the point of sale and deposits these funds into the merchant's direct deposit account (DDA) generally within two business days. If the check is returned by the customer's bank, the return goes directly to TeleCheck, not to the merchant. The merchant pays no returned check charges. This service also includes guarantee capability.
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