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Product Overview

ViVOpay™ transforms merchant legacy devices into next generation contactless payment systems.

ViVOpay™ is a patent pending, plug-n-play hardware application that enables existing merchant magnetic stripe point-of-sale (POS) systems to accept payment from contactless credit and debit cards as well as from infrared-enabled cell phones and PDAs.



ViVOpay™ enables contactless payments without any hardware or software changtes to existing devices at a minimum cost. Merchants themselves can easily install any of the ViVOpay™ terminals to make legacy systems proximity compatible.

ViVOpay™ comes in several differnet packages to fullfill teh specific needs of each merchant:


ViVOpay™ 4000 Easy Mount Solution The flexible ViVOpay 4000 contactless payment device can easily be mounted onto a wide variety of existing Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Electronic Cash Register (ECR) systems, countertops, windows and a variety of other surfaces providing for physical and functional integration with the existing merchant system and check-out layout

  ViVOpay 3000 RF Countertop: Enables contactless credit, debit, gift and stored valued card payments with minimum change to existing infrastructure. Merchants themselves can easily install the plug-and-play ViVOpay 3000 and immediately start accepting contactless payments such as ExpressPay from American Express®, MasterCard® PayPass™, Visa® contactless and Chase blink™ as well as their own contactless gift, loyalty, etc.  
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