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PCCharge Pro
Payment Processing at Its Best

PCCharge Pro™ is an award-winning payment processing software product designed to save merchants time and money by providing powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution for all business types, including brick-and-mortar merchants, eStores, and MOTO (mail-order/telephone order) shops. PCCharge is upgradeable, so it won't become obsolete like terminals do! And, because PCCharge is not a gateway, there are no costly access fees.




Customer Database
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Recurring Billing
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Flexibility Meets Functionality

  • Certified with major credit/debit/gift card and check processors.

  • Multiple payment types accepted: All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Purchasing Cards (Level II), & Check Guarantee.

  • Certified for multiple connectivity methods, including Dial-up Modem (Direct Connection), TCP/IP (Leased Line), TCP/IP (Internet), TCP/IP (ISDN).

  • Client Server software supports customer database capabilities, card readers, PIN pads, and check readers

  • Customer database with recurring and installment billing allows you to schedule payment processing according to your specific business requirements.

  • Supports single or multi-users. There's no limit of merchant numbers in PCCharge Pro.

  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions. Use out of the box or as part of an integrated POS solution.

  • Robust and customizable reporting features
    Real time or batch transaction processing

  • Split dial authorization for Discover and American Express and direct settlement option with American Express saves merchants money!

  • MOTO Master Book and Ship Module allows pre-auth information to be stored until merchandise is shipped, eliminating the re-keying of information and providing a management tool for mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) merchants.

  • Wireless capability permits mobile merchants to process transactions over the Internet via TCP/IP using a cell phone.

  • Stored client database

Security with Fraud Protection Plus: MSV™ (Magnetic Strip Verification), CVV2, and AVS (Address Verification Services), data file encryption, and secure receipts reduce fraud, chargebacks, and may qualify merchants for lower interchange rates.

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